Monday, November 07, 2011

Limerick-Off Monday

Easy-ish prompt this time, I guess. I'm getting fairly handy at writing limericks, but I do know that merely getting them to rhyme in the AA-BB-A format isnt quite enough - a proper limerick in my eyes has to be witty and preferably incorporate a pun or two or funny wordplay in general... kind of like the ones Ogden Nash wrote. Or Phyllis "Granny" Smith, who is truly versatile in her genius - there's nothing she can't write/write about, and how incredibly well she does it all, too - limericks, poetry, essays, you name it. How I wish I could be half as talented.  

Anyway, my limerick for this week:

A fellow was famous worldwide
For getting constantly pie-eyed
He visited every Irish bar
Between County Cork and Myanmar -
He didn’t stop even when his brain was fried.

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