Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Here is what you may or may not know about me…

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Thanks to Umm for giving me the chance to do a post that isn't a limerick!

  • I am an introvert. I chose editing over reporting (when I started out in journalism) because I very quickly discovered that I didn’t want to talk to strangers, ask intrusive questions or do any schmoozing at all whatsoever.
  • I have one very good friend from school, one very good friend from college, and a handful from the Hindu Business Line (my 2nd job). Since then, I’ve maybe made 2-3 new real-life friends, at most. What can I say, I prefer quality over quantity.
  • I like people who are outgoing and friendly. They make it easier for me to be friends with them because they take the pressure off me to be entertaining.
  • I’ve always thought I disliked the colour pink, but I find I’ve had so many pink clothes over the years – and still do - that I’m forced to conclude that I DO like pink. But my most favourite colour of all is still orange.
  • I'd love to wear high heels but my feet aren't up to it.
  • I very rarely wear lipstick but that doesn't stop me from buying them... and I always end up with the same two or three colours even though I think I've made a radical choice at the point of purchase.
  • I love different coloured writing inks - upgraded from colour pencils, which I loved till my early teens. My most favourite possession was a 60-shade colour-pencil set from Caran D’ache which I kept for many, many years after I stopped using them.
  • I still have no idea how to pronounce Caran D’ache (pronounce correctly, I mean).
  • I am always taken aback when I see my photos. Because I truly believe I look better than what the Kodak moment gives me credit for (borrowed verbatim from Umm). Mirrors deceive the eye but candid photos don’t lie.
  • I would like to be in a much better financial position than I’m in currently. Sure, money can’t make you happy or buy you love, but – at the risk of sounding smug – I AM already happy and loved. Now I’d like some money, please.
  • I have no illusions about myself or my abilities. Because the truth is that for every person that I'm better than (at anything), there are at  least double that number of people who're at least twice as good as me with only half the effort.
  • I hate - really, really hate - the thought of people being sorry for me, or worrying about me, so I find it very, very difficult to confide any real problems to anyone. I can't stop anyone from thinking what they like, but I don't like to provide personal fodder for any potential discussion.
  • I’m constantly amazed at how shallow some people are but yet think they’re deep/intelligent/funny/name your illusion. Especially funny. And constantly tempted to disabuse them of their illusions.
So, Umm... have I surprised you at all? :)


meerkat said...

i would never have guessed that you are an introvert. you seem so very open and if i had to guess, i would say that you were an extrovert. what do i know?

Anonymous said...

yes, that you can't pronounce Caran D'ache (is it dash?), and about financial position :)
thanks for taking up the tag.

Anu said...

" love to wear high heels but my feet aren't up to it" - LOL

Shammi said...

Meerkat: I'm very good at indirect communication :)

Umm: You know I never decline a tag :)

Anu: ;o)