Thursday, April 07, 2011

My first limerick

I love limericks - my first introduction to them was through Edward Lear's nonsense rhymes, but soon I tracked down lots of others, some innocuous, others tongue-in-cheek naughty and still others quite X-rated. I liked them all... that is to say, I liked all the genuinely good ones that made me smile or laugh and/or admire the word-play - Ogden Nash being favourite for this!

I came across Mad Kane's Humor Blog quite by chance, and since it's pretty brilliant and she writes some damn good limericks besides, I added the site to my links. On a whim I also tried my hand at writing a limerick for one of her prompts where she gives the first line as a starting point - and here it is:

A fellow was fit to be tied
When he found that his lovely bride
Declared she was off
Because he was not a toff –
What? You think this tale isn’t bona fide?

And ere ye judge me harshly, gentle reader, please to bear in mind that it's my first (public) effort at limerickery. The way to encourage is to not laugh - that is, to not laugh unkindly. Do feel free to laugh at the humour.

Addendum: Just had a thought - what if you think it best to NOT encourage any more limerickery-buffoonery on my part? Oh the horror...


Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Thanks for your enthusiastic words about my humor and for participating in my latest Limerick-Off. Your contribution was fun and I hope you'll be back to do more limericking. I post a new Limerick-Off every Sunday or Monday and look forward to seeing you again.

ummon said...

very cute limerick. i remember i used to borrow a book limericks from the library and try and imitate the art of it. and fail miserably :)
ps: hope this comment posts. been trying and trying to no avail.
ps2: why r u still in a boring job, wiht this talent?

Shammi said...

Madeleine: Thanks. I'll be trying more limerickery, I think :)

Ummon: Ok, you're being too kind, far too kind! And I mean that :) But thank you!

Kamini said...

Bravo! That was really very good - I laughed very kindly after I read it!
Totally second Ummon's second point.

Shammi said...

Thanks, Kamini :)

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

I just posted a new Limerick-Off. I hope it tempts you to write you 2nd limerick. :)