Thursday, February 03, 2011

Taking Mother Nature to task

What were you THINKING, Ma Nature, when you designed coriander leaves? Were they never meant to be stored? Did you never imagine that would one day they would be kept in bunches in the fridge in a bid to keep them reasonably fresh? Do you have an explanation - ANY explanation at all! - for why the leaves and stems wilt and rot randomly from the inside of the bunch out? Why only SOME leaves/stems in the middle of the bunch? Why not ALL of them in the middle? Why not the ones in the outermost layer? Do you not REALISE how insanely annoying this is to people like me who loathe having to separate the slimy rotten bits from the healthy green bits and yet are forced to do it because they don't wish to waste the entire bunch?

I ask you, why? Why this rotten design flaw?


Anu said...

Gets my goat too.

Don't have the patience to wash, dry and store in glass bottles - that apparently prevents the slimy wilting.

Love the new pics of you:-)

Shammi said...

Thanks, Anu :) It's hard to find pics that are share-worthy, believe me! :)

Drying and storing in glass containers, eh? I'll give that a go too.

Kamini said...

I feel your pain, Shyam. I go through this each and every time with those blasted cilantro leaves!

Shammi said...

Kamini: :)

Radha said...

Aww... Shyam. You know why - Mother Nature didn't "design"; as a resident of Darwin's hometown, you should already know that's what the whole evolution thing is about :)