Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunday Scribblings - "Food"

You'd think that this week's prompt would be really easy to do, given the fact that I maintain a food blog - but no, I'm just as constipated as ever (creatively speaking, thank you very much). All I can say on the topic of food is that I love it... especially Indian food. And, apparently, my love for it is inversely proportional to how good it is for me. The worse it is, the more I love it, in other words. Breakfast smoothies involving raw pureed super-healthy vegetables (broccoli and karela juice, anyone?) just don't cut it... but give me hot aloo parathas and cold lassi, or idlis with four types of chutney and sambar, and I'm in hog heaven.

About the only thing that saves my reputation from total infamy is that aloo parathas are very unlikely to grace my breakfast table of a morning - mainly because I would have to make them myself. (Ditto idlis and chutneys.)

Laziness, very occasionally, has the happy - if unintentional - side-effect of conferring virtue upon one. One, believe me, is all for it!


Mobius Circle said...

Our breakfasts are most uninspiring too - cereal, toast and on the rare occasion idlis - if I happen to have the batter! You are so right - it's just the laziness to get up a little earlier that I conveniently blame on "No time sorry, have to catch my train!"

Kamini said...

This made my mouth water!
After all these years of living abroad, my craving for Indian food has dimmed quite a bit, and I don't yearn for all my old favourites that much any more. I still LOVE any Indian food - but I don't need to have it regularly. I've developed a liking for a whole bunch of new foods and tastes, which is a good thing, I suppose.