Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Baby babble

As the proud and adoring athai (paternal aunt) of an unbelievably cute, doe-eyed, intelligent, nearly 6-month-old niece, I am beginning to understand the compulsion that drives parents - especially new ones - to gush about their offspring and said offspring's day-to-day "achievements".

Because, believe me, it's only with the greatest difficulty that I'm stopping myself from burbling about my niece and her daily achievements (those that I noticed in the two weeks I was in Boston in the run-up to Christmas 2010, I mean) to anybody I meet. Not to mention, thrust her photo in their face and force them to admit that she's cuter than a bunch of buttons.

Understanding the compulsion of new parents doesn't mean that I tolerate adult babble, though... *EXCEPT when I'M doing the babbling about MY beautiful niece. But of course.

*Were you concerned that I had become a better, more saintly person for being an aunt? Not to worry, still the same old me in this new year!


Anu said...

Because and only because it's you - you are forgiven for the babble:-)

Happy New Year!

Shyam said...

Thanks, Anu :) I'm ashamed but defiant :D

Kamini said...

What a lovely post! There is nothing like being an aunt: all the joy without any of the hassles! Babble away, you will be indulged.

brinda said...

Why be ashamed? That baby IS the cutest thing. From what few pics I've seen, that is... :-)