Saturday, January 22, 2011

Figure this one out

"Never the less the benefits out way the taste"

This extract is the beginning of a much longer sentence, and I had to read the whole thing four times before it began to make sense to me. Didn't want to post the entire sentence, nor say where it's from - the point isn't to embarrass the blogger, I'm just showcasing the sentence which, technically speaking, is complete in itself and doesn't need the rest of the content to help with figuring it out.

Isn't it breathtaking, though?


brinda said...

mail me the URL, *please*? pleasepleaseplease

Hema said...

CC me :)

Anonymous said...

Brinda, Hema: You wont find the rest of it as entertaining, trust me. But you can look it up yourself if you google the phrase!

- Me

brinda said...

huh. so much drama! but yes, you're right -- the rest is boring. Hema, give mail ID, will send link. Shyam's no good at these things -- too PC :-)

Lekhni said...

As Anonymous says, all one needs to do is plug that sentence in the search bar to find out who she is. Interesting quinoa recipe, I thought.

I scrolled through her blog. There is the spell check issue, but decent recipes, and hey, she blogs regularly, which is more than I can say about myself :(

Shyam said...

Lekhni: True about the google search thing, but I figured that only those who really CARED about English would bother to go that far :) Which is why I didn't make it a one-click job with a direct link.

And re your comment about not blogging regularly - I had noticed! Get your fingers moving, lady :)