Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vous êtes très stupide, monsieur

It’s not unheard-of for a teacher to help a favoured pupil or two to cheat in exams. But I think that for a teacher to blame “inexperience and a lack of guidance” for his actions does not just border on the ridiculous – as far as I’m concerned, not only has it crossed the borders, destroying everything in its way, but it has reached right into the heart of the territory and crowned itself the undisputed emperor of ridiculous!

This man is 51 years old, and if he, as he claims, doesn’t know that secretly giving help to only SOME students is most definitely cheating (helping ALL students is what’s otherwise known as an “open book exam”), he is unfit to be a teacher on two counts: For being pig-ignorant, and for being quite spectacularly stupid as well.

On a slightly off-piste note – why do tribunals and committees and courts and judges have to be seen to give any consideration to the most blatantly stupid arguments/explanations from clients (or their lawyers) as a defence? Why don’t they just laugh in the face of such explanations and pass sentence on the accused right away? Nobody dismisses even the most specious puerile defence, but they SHOULD, if only because the lawyers obviously consider the judges to be hobbled by political correctness, if not outright stupidity.

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Anonymous said...

when he says no guidance from seniors, what does he mean? he is 51, his seniors must either be dead or retired. stupid!
and i love this 'off-piste'... i will use it sometime, and pretend to be more literate than i am :)