Thursday, April 29, 2010

These are a few of my favourite spring things

- Trees that explode overnight into bloom – mainly cherry trees with their tight bunches of gorgeous pink flowers, and another species of tree (no idea what they are) that are completely covered in tiny white blossom

- Drifts of swirling white petals that lift off into the air like minute snowflakes (from the aforementioned unknown trees with the white blossom) when there’s a sudden gust of wind

- Fresh light green leaves on the plants and trees which don’t have blossom to show off

- Green, green grass in the fields, looking so glossy and juicy that it makes me wish I could be a cow or a sheep, just so I could get my chompers around them

- Springy little lambs that gambol away from the moving cars on the road, even though they (the lambs and their maa-maas) are safely behind fences in the meadows

- Curious little lambs that nose their way to the fence to see who you are and what you might have for them – but only if you squat patiently and quietly near the fence for a while...

- Forsythia trees whose branches disappear completely under sunshiny, cheerful yellow blossom... or are they really leaves which start out yellow and turn green?

- Daffodils – golden yellow ones, cream ones, double-petalled ones, orange-centred ones – growing in clumps everywhere ... regimented in gardens, scattered by the roadside or bunched together in grassy roundabouts to make a sea of waving gold.


Premalatha said...

what about blue bells?

I have been waiting for the blue bells since our visit to the woods last year. we are off to click some pictures today as the blue bells are out. will post them soon.

Uttara said...

my favourite things too!

Shyam said...

Prema: Bluebells too! And magnolias! :)

Uttara: Your garden must be bursting with flowers now?

Lekhni said...

Could the small white flowers you are talking about be from plum trees? They blossom in spring too, along with the cherry trees. I have one in our garden, and it is a gorgeous sight, full of white flowers.

Kamini said...

Lovely, Shyam. After a long, dark, winter, we appreciate these things all the more.