Friday, February 26, 2010

Yet another call to arms

I hate to have to harp on about these leaders of Muslim countries and Muslim preachers who advocate hatred and violence, but this latest declaration by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi gets my goat well and truly. As far as I can tell, he’s got on his high horse and called for jihad against Switzerland because:

a. His esteemed, reputable and human-rights loving son Hannibal Gaddafi was detailed in that country for beating up his own servant – to which I can only say, well what else could ol' Hannibal do if the servant was not being servile enough or not jumping quickly enough to obey his orders? Servants are like, you know, possessions. Why should you be arrested for dealing with your possession however you deem fit?

b. Switzerland refused to let Muslims build minarets on their mosques. Note this - they did not ban the building of mosques, just the minarets. Still, I guess they proved, yet again, that this country in particular, and the world in general, has it in for Muslims and does not respect Islam as much as everybody should. (Gee, one wonders why.) One also wonders why the Swiss do not wish to be serenaded five times a day from the minarets and, most of all, why they think they can set down the law in their own country.

Seriously, I’d like to see what the Muslim leaders and radicals would say if the non-Muslims in their Islamic States (of perfection, natch) demanded to build temples and churches and synagogues, and what’s more, demanded to play their religious songs/prayers from loudspeakers. I really would like to see their reaction, but I fear that the people demanding rights similar to what Muslims demand for themselves in the West would end up jailed or booted out... which last option really would not be the worst one, imo.


meerkat said...

you are being racist, xenophobic, anti islamic, hater of peaceful people and disrespectful of the peaceful religion of believers.

B o o said...

People cant let even one (relatively) peaceful country in this world, huh? *bangs head*

Kamini said...

I would expect nothing less of someone named Hannibal.