Friday, February 12, 2010

Starting trouble

Say you decide to do some free-form grumbling on paper (or rather, on the computer) to see if a bit of inspiration can't be coaxed into showing some signs of life - rather like a reluctant car engine that doesn't want to start in the cold.

And then you discover that you can't even think of anything to grouch about in writing! That was Shock 1.

Shock 2 came about when I began to wonder if I had changed, without even realising it, from cynical and sarcastic to a beaming ray of sunshiny good nature who can find nothing at all to complain about. Oh the horror!

That shock prompted an internal review of my general outlook. (Yes ok, it wasn't an exhaustive review, or a precursor to any changes in the general policy. Kind of like a government committee.) Anyway, no, I felt as grouchy as ever about plenty of things - it was just that I didn't feel able to put my various grumps into words.

The problem, then, is that I seem unable to externalise (to use a detestable expression) my complaints in writing.

So what's the remedy, folks? What do I write about? Any ideas out there that feel the need to come home to roost?

Oh, by the way, happy 2010 to all.


Kamini said..., a grouch? But it's so nice to see you back, curmudgeonly or not.
I had to laugh at your analogy of the car engine that doesn't want to start in the cold - that's me, through and through, every moment of this blasted winter!
It's a pleasure to read anything you write, Shyam, not just your rants. A book review, a movie you've seen, a special dish you ate/made, your neighbour (suitably disguised, of course).....inspired yet?

Uttara said...

Externalisation is the only solution to non-externalisation.

Shyam said...

Kamini: You're always so nice! And yes, those are good starting points - thank you. A book review seems imminent!

Uttara: I know, I know. I shall try harder. :)

Anonymous said...

how about ripping apart shoddy editing in a couple of the dailies?
or am sure there is some nut on your daily commute that deserves a sarcy post?
come on shyam, there are a few of us who eagerly await your funny takes.
so keep them coming.

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Too long a break, cuz. Now, keep posting since you have recommenced. My ideas are: a)Write about the past -- any incident or person who made a difference to you
b)Your favourite cuz;) ;) ;) ;)
c) Mom's best dish(es), d) First crush e)how you 'guided' your siblings. e) Hobbies f) Giggling fit moments...enough ideas for a few weeks? Like Kamini's ideas too.