Monday, December 08, 2008

Sunday Scribblings - "Tradition"

Is it just the flip side of trendy? I think tradition is just a trend that has been followed (blindly?) by a person or persons, most likely for far longer than it really deserves.

I’m also not sure that it isn’t just a one-word definition for “But that’s how it’s always been done” – said phrase usually uttered with a superior sniff or bullheaded stubbornness or as a desperate wail. The point is, no matter how it is said, it’s pretty much a declaration of resistance to change, even if that change is for the better.

A tradition is really only as established as the person who is perpetrating it now… if the next person who comes along doesn’t consider it worth continuing, or changes it to suit him/herself, then it’s no longer what it used to be. It then becomes a “new” tradition – an oxymoron if ever there was one, because tradition implies longevity.

*** Sighhhhhh… even to me this smacks of the sort of school compositions found in the cheaper “guide books”, pathetic little essays on various topics supposedly beloved of secondary school teachers while setting exam questions.

It’s so difficult to get back into the rhythm of writing after a break…


Rambler said...

hmm like what you said about the oxymoron..never thought of it that way

Kamini said...

So nice to see you back!
Agree with everything you've written about "traditions" - so many of them are relatively recent, but passed off as having existed for centuries. And also, many of these "traditions" were considered quite radical at the time they first came about!

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Welcome back, cuz.

Anu said...

Welcome back, Shyam! Hope you've had a great holiday...:)

You know, the whole 'tradition' thing is used too often as an excuse to, exactly as you say, resist embracing change. Wonder why that is...fear of the 'unknown'; findinf comfort in the 'known angel being better than unknown devil'; perhaps...?

Anyhoo, great to have you back!

just another mommy said...

hope you had a good holiday!

Well - we can modify tradition and claim it's now MY family tradition :)

I do hate regressive ideas in the name of tradition. Traditions are supposed to preserve something sweet - not perpetrate something archaic!

DJPare said...

Welcome back.
I feel your pain. This is the first real "writing" post I've done in many weeks.