Thursday, November 29, 2007

Whip some sense into them

Oh my God! Or rather, Ya Allah! Plenty has been written about this poor woman who got her class of 7-year-olds to name a teddy bear and unwisely went with the kids’ choice of “Muhammad”.

But I'm still putting in my two bits, so I’m going to say that this sort of ridiculous over-reaction from Muslim governments/clerics/leaders is EXACTLY what makes people think that Islam is a totally intolerant religion whose followers mostly have no access to reason and no recourse to common sense. And not much compassion in them either, from all accounts.

If Gillian Gibbons IS going to be flogged for letting her pupil name the teddy bear Muhammad, and ignorance is no excuse, then somebody should go after the parents of the Muslim kid or kids who chose to call the bloody teddy bear Muhammad! Give them a flogging as well for not telling their children enough about their sensitive religion.

I mean, those kids who were Muslim should have known, shouldn’t they, that you shouldn’t name an inanimate thing Muhammad in case it becomes a representation of the Prophet which of course is forbidden. You can’t flog children (that is, I hope you cant), so why not give the offending parents a religious lesson with a whip?

(If you ask me, a cuddly teddy bear seems SOOOO much friendlier as a representative of a religion than… oh, let’s see, a bearded guy with a hook hand. Now HE was inciting hatred and violence allright, but did anybody threaten him with a flogging? Hmm… let me think.)


meerkat said...

yes, the kids shoudl get a good whipping, only fair that those who insulted the prophet should suffer.

but above all the teddy bear fan society should prosecute her as well. naming a cuddly, friendly, secular, peaceful animal after the prophet who incited violence, killings and whose people are easily incited should be the ultimate offence.

hopefully when she gets back to this country they should pelt her with pies and drop her in a tub of baked beans to atone for her mistake

Anonymous said...

Eek, I meant the kids' parents should be given a whipping for their kids' ignorance :)

- Shyam

Anonymous said...

I was blabbing about this to my ex-coworkers few days ago and saying what about 1 in 5 kids who get named muhammed/mohammed... then one of my coworker commented sarcastically "maybe we should stone the kids with the name Jesus" (pronounced Hey-soos)


this world is becoming ridiculous by the hour... ugh!


Broom said...

I think the worst part is that such stories have become so common, that they don't shock me anymore. I just sigh internally & try hard not to think about them.q

CW said...

Makes one wonder deeply, what IS the world coming to?!