Thursday, November 29, 2007

Only vegetarian kids allowed

Oh for god's sake, again. How many more ways can religious nuts come up with to create divisions in society? Even among the followers of the same religion?

One other thing strikes me - do Muslim schools or madrassas insist that their pupils MUST follow Islam? I really dont know if they do or dont.


meerkat said...

i am sure that muslim schools cannot insist on pupils following islam by law. but then you are an infidel in a muslim madrasa and therefore fair game for any god fearing muslim who wants to follow the edict of the prophet and slay the infidels

Anonymous said...

yeahh... cant see non-Muslim kids going to a madrassa. What would they learn there other than the Koran? Gosh, I'm totally ignorant of what they teach in madrassas! D'you think the kids learn things like geography and health ed and maths?

- Shyam

mumbaigirl said...

I think faith schools here are supposed to reserve a certain percentage of places for for children who do not follow the school's faith. So at least those students don't have to prove they follow a particular faith. Why have state funded faith schools at all is beyond me.

Orange Fronkey said...

I just checked out the pictures from your trip to Croatia. They are very beautiful!

Give me a headsup for the upcoming travelogues, it's too hidden and I didn't see any posts the last couple of times I checked on there =(.

Good thing I checked today lol :).

~nm said...

People are really going buts! Simply crazy! I think such people should be sent to asylums!

shyam said...

Merino: My Travelogue is linked under the sidebar "More from me". The Croatia travel posts (and a few others) are there. :)