Friday, September 07, 2007

Didnt we already know that?

Children outsmart chimps. Well, thank GOODNESS for that and Praise the Lawd! Now mothers everywhere can breathe easier knowing that their babies are very likely to be cleverer than chimpanzees. The future of humankind is assured.

Resolution for the New Year: I will try to go easy on the sarcasm. But for now.... PAAAAAAAATAAAAAY!


brinda said...

no no, please... if you went easy on the sarcasm, how'd we know it was you? ;-)

CW said...

My mom would be so relived to know this!
But am apes aren't the reason one 'apes' someone?? Am sure in apeland they refer to it as humaning--and look they even have the tests to prove it..;-)

CW said...

Th e on my kyboard has gon kaput..prss prss hardr..