Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ban on smoking

The pro:

- Pubs and other public entertainment venues are smoke-free on the inside.

The cons:

- Smokers are encouraged to take their cancer-sticks outside. So they hang around the entrance, smoking there. If you want to enter a pub or restaurant, you have to make your way in through a thick haze of cigarette smoke. Ugh.

- If it's good weather, non-smokers cant sit outside, because naturally all the smokers are congregated there. That way, the ban has definitely worked in their favour. I personally am waiting for winter and cold wet windy days, when us non-smokers can sit inside and be warm and comfortable, and watch the determinedly dimwitted smokers shivering while getting their fix. Yes, I'm looking forward to that allright!


The ban should be amended every so slightly to make it impossible for smokers to light up within 50 yards of the entrance to any building. Shouldnt be THAT difficult, surely?


~nm said...


Let me know if I need to sign a petition for 'minimum-50-yards-distance'. :)

lakshmi said...

you'll settle for 50 yards? how about banning all public places all together? if you want to smoke, smoke inside your house or your car.

Shyam said...

NM: There's an idea! :)

Laksh: Baby steps, da!

Planethalder said...

Okay, so it's not a pub, but I've noticed signs outside Pret A Manger on Oxford Street in London requesting their patrons not to smoke on the outside tables. Now there's an idea! Not sure whether it's enforceable but it's illegal to smoke outside many office buildings now too so it must be...

Orange Fronkey said...

My friend and I went to the BOdy world exhibit with her hubby ( a smoker), and saw some of the smoke damaged lungs on display and an area that said "i quit". Of course the smoke filled ones and the cancerous ones looked oh so nasty... But her hubby was smoking away still.. LOL. it made her so mad.

There was a t-shirt they were selling I particularly liked, a smoker's lung say "mind if i smoke?" and the normal lung say "care if i die?"