Thursday, November 18, 2004

More plastic than human

Sometimes it's really depressing to see movie stars and celebrities looking picture-perfect... so here's a link which might just change a bad mood from blue to orange! (I associate the colour orange with liveliness and enthusiasm.) :-)

Now you know how the stars manage to look perfect... and how they ruin that fleeting perfection with overkill. Who would have thought Meg Ryan could look like a hag? And I guess the most horrible, monsterish transformation is that of Whacko Jacko... poor Michael Jackson. All that talent, all those millions... and all he could do was make himself look like a freak.

No more words from me since pictures are supposed to be worth a thousand words... so here goes:

PS. I know I said no more words from me, but I just had a thought... with all the plastic that's in their bodies, shouldnt celebrities and movie stars be declared as potentially harmful to the environment? If they die and are buried, god knows how long the plastic will take to decompose... if at all!


Harish said...

I have a doubt..

If Jackson's buried, will we get to hear all his songs played backwards?
Stumped? He'll be decomposing, wont he? :)



Harish said...

And oh, please please post a warning when you post errr, ummm, well, you know, potentially dangerous links! :)

Anonymous said...

The problem with Jacko was that he took, a trifle too seriously, the lyrics of his song - Man in the Mirror:
I'm starting with the man in the mirror
I'm asking him to change his ways
I'm gonna make a change
It's gonna feel real good!
Unfortunately, when everything turned bad and then silly, later pathetic, it was a trifle too late and besides, I think, nobody had the heart to tell him. What a basket case he's become; what an incredible waste & fritering away of talent! I don't care about the rest of them plastic people but for MJ, infinite sadness is what I feel! :( Ravi

Shyam said...

Harish!! Aint NOTHING dangerous about my links, potentially or otherwise :)

Shyam said...

Ravi, yeah I have to agree. I feel so damn sorry for Wacko Jacko when I think of what he's made himself... he's like some weird sexless creature, not very human at all.

Anonymous said...

shyam, have been following that link for the last yr or so now and man, the before and after pics are amazing. it is really hard to notice the change as it is happening gradually, but with those pics.......scary as, some of 'em are. btw, i hear our own aish has had quite a few injections of collagen and botox. she isn't hollywood enuff to go on this site, methinks.........apprently, nicole kidman can't emote very well, coz she has an overdose of botox in her forehead........and in the UK, u can get gift vouchers for gifting _ to get plastic surgery done. the perfect x-mas present, don't u think. and an email from u to me wud be nice too, much as ur posts are eminently readable. from a disgruntled kiwi!!