Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A question of colour

I bet y'all think this is going to be about racism and such-like heavy topics :) Nope - it's about the colours I'm using on my blog! Somebody wants me to tone them down.

I dont know if he/she meant the blog skin itself, or the different colours I use for my posts. If it's the blog skin - nope, no way I'm going to change that. I LIKE pink. If it's the colour of my posts...well, dear respected and revered Anonymous critic, I acknowledge the truth in your comment with regards to one post. So I will admit that the one titled "Stars 'n their millions" was a rather eye-watering turquoise. It didnt look that bad in the colour-choice list, to tell the truth. Anyway, be that as it may, I've changed it to a more reader-friendly blue. :)

But as for my other posts - they stay as they are. I like variety in everything, and hey, this IS my blog!


b said...

hey, shyam, WHY have you ignored orange so? pink is all very well (i like the colour myself), but how can YOU not use orange? :-)

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