Saturday, October 09, 2004

Never had a diary online before...but there's always a first time and this is it

Well, here goes. I've got to confess rightaway that this blog thing is Ramya-inspired. If a super-busy overworking celeb journalist can find the time (and the energy) to blog, then I can give it the old college try too... even though we're not from the same college and anyway we were years apart!

The second confession is that I havent written anything in years. Not anything to be particularly proud of, that is - unless you consider a few seriously dumbed-down write-ups in Singapore. Maybe this blog will help get some thoughts down in writing - or typing, really.

Since Rums sent me the transcript of the Jayalalithaa interview by Karan Thapar, I've been kicking myself for missing it. Well, for not even knowing about it, to tell the truth. Looks like Jaya amma was at her petulant, arrogant, childish worst. God, I wish I'd watched her live! If Thapar did end up saying the same things about her as the rest of the press, she didnt exactly say anything to disprove it. I suppose her admirers will think she did a great job, though.


None said...


shyam. u have me overwhelmed. all's well until u mention celeb journo. i wish you'd come of it, since i aint one, now more than ever! :)
but, yes, its a great medium. esp if u want to re-learn to write. it sure has helped me...

keep it goin mate!

Boston Bala said...

welcome :)