Thursday, October 27, 2016

Right temperatures, wrong season

Ok, there's a chance that I might regret saying this... but for goodness' sake, where's the cold weather? It's nearly November, it should be cold - not necessarily rainy, but cold! Instead, it's a wishy-washy 12-14 degrees Celsius, which to my mind is summer temperatures, not in the least suitable for autumn-turning-to-winter! 

That said, sometimes it does get rather nippy, necessitating my heavy winter coat. But the very next day could be incredibly mild - like today was 15 degrees and sunny. What annoys me most of all is that I never seem to wear the right coat, and that is because the weather is so changeable. I want winter temperatures so that I can put away all the other coats and just wear my new, heavy, superwarm winter coat. 

Is there such a thing as a snow dance? I would do a snow dance in a heartbeat!

1 comment:

Anu said...

The weather is going crazy I agree.

Layer up - that way you can either remove or add as required!