Saturday, March 19, 2016

The White Road, by John Connolly

When I find an author whose books I like, I tend to track down as many of them as I can get and have myself a reading glut. That's what I've been doing for a few weeks now - reading everything I can get of John Connolly. I REALLY like his books - they're addictive. While they have the same main character - Charlie Parker, a somewhat reluctant detective with a very tragic past - and his associates, every book has a solid and different story. These are not just your regular crime stories, however - they contain some supernatural elements, a lot of truly evil villains (both human and non), a bit of horror, a lot of philosophising on the nature of good and evil and human failings, a good dollop of (American) history, a good deal of black humour... all of which I really, really like because put together, they make for addictive reading. Did I say I find them addictive?
I thought about reviewing each book as I finished it, but I was just so caught up with just reading them I couldn't bear to take the time out to write about them. In any case I didn't get to them in serial order, but that didn't really matter. They can be standalone books, or you can read them in the order they were written. So, in short, I've not yet come across a book I've disliked. But, if you want a recommendation, I would say that "The White Road" is a great book to start with. It's set in the Deep South and of course racial tensions feature strongly... and it's a gripping story, too. It's not Connolly's first book, but it's the one I read first. It's the one that hooked me. #100bookpact

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