Saturday, November 14, 2015

How time does fly!

Seriously, I was under the impression that my previous post was published just a couple of days ago - but's been over a week already! And what do I have to show as accomplished for the week? Not particularly much, unless you want to include watching the new James Bond movie "Spectre". Which, to be fair, was absolutely the best paisa vasool ("money's worth", in Hindi) movie I've seen of late.

Other than that, I've dragged myself to work every morning, then simply RACED back home in the evening - believe me when I say that I have boulders tied to my feet in the a.m, which turn into angel feathers when it's time to go home!

So that's been my last few days. Hardly enough to scrape into a post, is it?


Anu said...

"RACED back home..." - hee hee I share the sentiment.

"Spectre" was entertaining - but I felt it was with a license to overkill - while I do like loose ends being tied up -this one went over the top to ensure every i was dotted and every t crossed!

Shammi said...

I'm thinking that they used their license to overkill (NICE turn of phrase, by the way, Anu!) because ol' Daniel may have made his last Bond movie (waaahhh!) and might not be coming back to tie up any loose ends :(

Kamini said...

A post is a post is a post....keep them coming, Shyam!