Monday, January 14, 2013

A windy day story

Just a little story, though. 

I had accompanied my sister-in-law and my 2.6 year old niece Sanaa on a trip to Costco. It was mildly cold (for winter) but quite windy. We'd managed to get Sanaa to agree to being carried across the car park (too dangerous to have a speedy little toddler skipping around) and to be seated in the shopping cart, and it was my happy job to push the cart. 

As we hurried down the pedestrian walkway, helped along by a brisk tailwind, I noticed that Sanaa had her mouth wide open. 

"Sanaa, what are you doing? Why is your mouth open?" I asked. 

She closed her mouth for a moment and grinned delightedly at me.  

"I'm eating the wind," she said, and went back to relishing the wind in her face. 


30in2005 said...

Kids eh! Mine often tries to eat the wind or the rain too. Rain is a hot favourite because it means he can have a little dance about in it as well.

Anu said...

Kids do come up with the most lateral thinking ever! My son used to love getting almost blown over by the wind.

Kamini said...

How delightful! It's wonderful how children get a thrill out of the simplest everyday things.