Monday, June 25, 2012

Hands up those who dislike hot summer days

ME, for a start! I like rainy summer days. Rain keeps the pollen count down. Hot sunny days like today, on the other hand, raise the pollen count to miserable levels. I had a b*stard of a day at work today - non-stop sneezing, itchy runny swollen eyes, thumping headache caused by the sneezing and eye-rubbing, and painful sinuses... all thanks to the pollen. Oh, and let's not forget the itchy, painful throat. It's like having a really bad cold, only worse. And all this after taking anti-histamines prescribed by my GP. 
I would do a rain dance if I knew how. Bring on the rain, bring it on, bring it on, bring it on!

1 comment:

Anu said...

Sorry Shyam hands down...we get so little of hot days that its a real treat when a few gloriously hot days get squeezed in.

That being said I do sympathize - allergic reactions are horrid.