Friday, October 28, 2011

Limerick-Off Monday

Click here for this week's Limerick-Off Monday on Madeleine's blog

My limerick for this week, after a bit of a gap in taking part.

When I saw the first-line prompt, the first phrase to pop into my head was "tell-tale tail" - and, of course, once it got in, there was no getting it out, so I ended up writing the limerick to accommodate the phrase. Some phrases are just such bullies - they forcibly occupy my brain and then throw their weight around, overcoming other, gentler ideas that are easily cowed into submission...


A woman was telling a tale
Of an experience that turned her pale.
One day she found proof
That a rat lived under her roof –
She knew by its tell-tale tail.


Anu said...

Can't stop laughing.

Your best one as yet.

Shammi said...

Thanks, Anu :) I'm quite proud of it!