Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sunday Scribblings - "Pleasure"

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A shortlist of things that give me pleasure – and if all some any of them come across as petty and/or childish, please be advised that there is a very good reason for this... that is to say, I AM petty and childish (no “or” about it).

  • Typing with my eyes closed (or without looking at screen or keyboard) and knowing automatically when I get something wrong.
  •  Bonus: After backtracking, erasing and re-typing the word correctly with my eyes still closed, and then, a few sentences down the line, to find that I have done all of that perfectly without causing more errors… oh the satisfaction!
  •  Getting my boss to realise that he cocked up, not me.
  • Bonus: When it dawns on him that he’s got to ring the enraged client, not me… oh joy oh joy oh joy! Or to put it another way – OH JOY! (no, not the Joy in your office.)
  • Accidentally stumbling on a rivetingly fantastic novel, racing through it in a breathless sitting and stumbling around in a daze for the next few hours because reality isn’t real yet. (My latest “find” – “The Good Son” by Michael Gruber.)
  • Bonus: Finding out that the writer has other best-selling books that you can now hunt down and devour… that anticipatory pleasure cannot be duplicated.
  • Recommending your newest favourite author to your book-crazy friends.
  • Bonus: If they haven’t come across the book/author either and they love it too – and they let you know… the feeling is akin to Doing a Good Deed For Nothing.
  • Lying in a hot tub and looking out at the Niagara Falls literally across the road from you.
  • Bonus: A punch-bowl-sized goblet of strawberry margarita in hand.
  • Double bonus: You’re with your husband.
  • Unbeatable: Your husband has his own goblet so you don’t have to share yours.


Nilu said...

Funny, sweet, romantic too! Good post!

Shammi said...

Thanks, Nilu :) I had fun writing it!

oldegg said...

Those pleasures were typed up with such verve and enthusiasm that I should have liked you in my office...apart from that smug grin when I had to ring the enraged client. But if you want to keep your job and move up you can ring next time!

ummon said...

i am liking. i am tagging :)

Shammi said...

Oldegg: If you worked here, you'd not grudge me the (very) little pleasure that can be squeezed from my working day! :) "Move up"? *sigh*

Ummon: GOOD! About time you updated your blog. :)

Anu said...

I would really really love to "outsmug" my boss:-)

By the way listened to the Asha Bhonsle - really nice song - love the way she maintains the pitch.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

LOL! By the way, I loved The Good Son! Also, I recently got hooked on Michael Connelly's thrillers, especially his legal thrillers.

Shammi said...

Hi Madeleine, thanks for the reco - I'll look up Michael Connelly. Or rather, his books. :)