Monday, July 18, 2011

Limerick-Off Monday

Click on the headline for this week's Limerick-Off at Madeleine's blog.

I really enjoyed doing this one! And I definitely had a few guys in mind when composing the limerick :)

The prompt was: "A fellow I tried to ignore".

A fellow I tried to ignore
Because he was a colossal bore
Refused to go away
(Too stupid, I daresay)
In men, traits I very much deplore.

Updated to add: I thought of a better version! Here's the new improved (or so I imagine):

A fellow I tried to ignore
Because he was a colossal bore
Didn't take the hint
(Too stupid to, I think)...
In men, traits I very much deplore.

"Hint" and "Think" don't quite rhyme, I know... but which version do you think sounds better? (My choice is pretty clear.)

I'm going to try writing Here's one for "A woman I tried to ignore":
A woman I tried to ignore
Kept on carping about my d├ęcor.
Did she have any right
To get quite so uptight
When I finally showed her the door?


Kamini said...

Love them both!

Shammi said...

Thank you :)

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Thanks for more fun contributions to my Limerick-offs! The first version of your "fellow" limerick is better because it rhyme's properly, as you indicated. But the best of the three is your "woman" limerick because the meter and rhyme in that one are both perfect.

Shammi said...

Thanks, Madeleine!

Anu said...

Great stuff Shammi! Applies very strongly to a fella and felli we know!

Shammi said...

Anu: I think most everybody would know of such a fella and felli :)

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Anonymous said...

Good ones! I like the second one, even though it doesn't rhyme, the fact didn't register at all until you pointed it out.