Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Out of this world stupid

If you saw an advertisement where a snake crawls suggestively over a naked woman’s body, would you think of:

a. Perfume

b. Fruit juice

c. Body lotion

If your answer is b, purely on the basis of this question, you’re obviously the moron who came up with the idea for the advt in the first place. Did you ask to be taken to our leader when you first arrived on Planet Earth?


30in2005 said...

Hahahahaha! My boss is looking at me strangely because I just laughed out loud. Come to think of it she asked to be taken to our leader.....

Anonymous said...


I know a while ago you wrote about finding your old diaries but didn't want to share what was in it.

I went ahead and shared SOME parts of it...maybe you'd like to read and change your mind about sharing yours?


Kamini said...

You forgot option d. : all of the above. Isn't that obvious?!
Modern art and modern advertisements: bah!!
Or maybe I'm just not evolved enough.

Alien Being (Anu) said...

Hey Earthling - I'll sue you for aligning my intelligence at such a low level.

FYI - Earth with leaders - sorry my extensive database comes up with no match!

P.S. And obvisouly we didn't come out with that snaeaky concept for the ad.

Uttara said...

HAHA, what a stupid idea.

Radha said...

And was that leader "President of the World," anything except "Prime Minister of Great Britain" Tony Blair?

brinda said...

what? you didn't get it? snake... Eve... = what? apple, of course. gawd, these earthlings, i tell you....

Shyam said...

30in2005 - Does she have aerials on her head? :)

Alien Anu: I know. What leader?

Uttara: I knew you're not from outer space :)

Radha: Without a doubt!

Brinda: But the ad was for pomegranate juice! :)