Monday, August 02, 2010

Sunday Scribblings - "I'd like to thank..."

My father, first and foremost for engendering in me a love of books, reading and the English language.

My mother, for everything she is and always has been, and for her unquestioning love.

My sister, for being the strong-willed, stubborn, brave, independent, loyal, funny weirdo she is :)

My brother, for providing oodles of entertainment (whether I wanted it or not!) over the years, and for growing up to be a brother in a million. Oh, and for providing a much-needed niece and grand-daughter - although credit for this is to be shared 30-70with...

My sister-in-law, for the aforementioned niece/grand-daughter, and for taming the untameable brother with such ease.

My best male friend forever from my schooldays, Rags, for being such a brilliant, quirky, fun pal and my closest rival in everything English. And also for making me honorary aunt (I might have demanded this privilege, but still...) to his beautiful baby daughter.

My best friend forever from college, Lakshmi, for being my soul-mate despite our completely different natures, and for showing me how to extract the maximum from life no matter what the circumstances.

My truest rakhi brother, Shiv, for WAY too much teasing and helpless giggles.

Another beloved friend, Sanjay, for the same as above, except even more of it.

All my dearest cousins on my mother’s side, for a whole lot of fun, games, fighting and laughter while we were growing up.

My youngest cousin, Hema (who is now a not-THAT-young 21) for being such a delight from the day she was born.

My cousins Hema and Sujata (dad’s side) – Hema for being just a month older than me and therefore both best friend and bitter rival as children, and a dear friend now :) And Suj for being SOOOO much fun and so funny, always.

The friends I made at the Indian Express and in the Hindu Business Line – they are no longer my colleagues but they’ll always be the friends who made life SO much fun for so many years... and still do.

The three amazing, multi-talented, simply awesome ladies - Ammani, Shoefiend and Swarna - who were cyber-pals first but became real-life friends so very seamlessly, for letting me be part of their lives.

My Scrabbling friends, some of whom I know personally and some only through their blogs. Thank you for many, many interesting and hard-fought games that stimulated my brain and made me think harder than I would have considered possible. Long may it continue!

Last but definitely not the least, my husband Pete for his boundless love for me and my family, his warmth and loyalty, his common sense, practical nature and optimism (all of which I lack somewhat when the chips are down), his gentleness and crazy sense of humour, and most of all, because he doesn’t see anything wrong with spoiling me silly. Who could ask for more?


Anonymous said...

Among all your posts, this is the one I enjoyed the most!!!!

aspiemom said...

You seem to have a wonderful family and large!! I always wanted that for myself and for my own family.

But I am thankful for what I have too. Well done and I'm sure the people you mentioned consider themselves very fortunate to have you in their lives too.

Inba's Corner said...

I'd like to thank you, Shyam, for being one of the best writers out there. You're always honest and your language is always impeccable - two qualities I love :)

swarna said...

Wey hey I too get a mention...*blushing red cheeks*!!
Thank you for being you, the most down to earth, sensible, gentle person I've ever met, and whose cakes I could die for!

btw: why this suddenly...are u closing shop or something?

Shyam said...

Nilu: Thanks! :) I enjoyed writing it!

Aspiemom: Thank you, I hope they do too! :)

Inba: Wow, I personally don't think I qualify for the first compliment, but I'm perfectly happy for you to think I do, though! :) As for the second - I try! Thank you :)

Shyam said...

Swarna: Mutual admiring society wonly, no? :) No plans of closing anything down. The post is a response to a prompt on the "Sunday Scribblings" site - I just decided to take the opportunity to be grateful!

Hema said...

Love this post! And I'm mentioned (as Hema and not 'Ema)! Thanks :)

You're the 'bestest' cousin :)