Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What if...?

I woke from a dream yesterday singing (in my mind, not aloud) the National Anthem – not “God save the Queen”, but the original one from when I was originally an Indian. I still think it’s the most melodious anthem, whether sung or played.

Anyway, fragments of the dream stayed with me, leaving me with a somewhat dismaying question: What if some pathetic partisan politician from a newly created “State”, in a quest for publicity and popularity and the public’s votes, starts demanding that the National Anthem should name ALL the Indian States? Or that each State should have its own Anthem?

I can’t begin to describe just how much I hate that idea. I wish it had not popped up in my dream. I hope it never occurs to anybody else.


Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Psssst! Hide this post! Quick!


Suganya said...

I hope so too.. Even if it does, not many are gonna sing the state song what-so-ever. Being in Tamil Nadu, you must have heard the tamil vazhthu song. How many of the younger generations remember it?? With the idea of not making it extinct, its been composed by ARR now. Even then, will it be sung in every school in TN?? I dont think so. But National Anthem will be sung in any schools at any state.