Thursday, November 26, 2009

Things that I wish were not associated with me – TAG from Ummon

To find my list, please click here: TEESU'S LIST

Oh allright, I suppose I should do my own list, I suppose I shouldn’t want to be so lazy as to appropriate someone else’s post... but so many things on that list are true of me! I just thought I’d save some time (and words), but...

Oh well, I guess that actually kicks-starts my list:

1. Laziness. I’m not one of those houseproud women (and why is it always women?) who feels the need to clean their house three times every hour, and announce it in every post on their blog. I’d rather announce, from the depths of a comfortable sofa, how I DON’T feel the need to clean my house three times a week, even. Probably not in EVERY post, though. (Too lazy for that. haha.)

2. Snoring. However, this is only hearsay since only Pete associates this with me; and since he has not provided any proof, we will consider this a myth.

3. Temper. *sigh* Capable of going off like a firework. But also – usually – fizzling out as quickly.

4. Over-eating. Although by MY standards, this is better now. Er, less over-eating I mean. (© Teesu – thanks, cuz!)

5. Sitcom watching. Can’t help it but no apologies either. Laughter is essential. Laughter, even canned, shared with your husband/friends/family – even better.

6. Nose mining. ONLY in private. (It’s a family thang. Apparently.)

7. Pushover. I tend to give in easily, or not make a fuss even when it’s necessary – anything for a quiet (if repressed) life.

8. Procrastination. As evidenced by this post which should have been done at least a week back...


Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

You are hilarious! And too cute. Both shall I say, runs in the phamilee?LOL.

MiM said...


Anonymous said...

i never associated you with being a push over. not that i associated you with all of the rest ;)