Monday, October 26, 2009

Pillow-talk, redefined

Scene: The executive suite of the Brooks Hotel in Dublin.

Pete, arms possessively clasping a couple of super-soft squashy pillows, face half-buried in another mound of down-filled pillows, murmurs something I can’t hear.

Me (at the mirror): Pete, what did you say?

Pete: (mumbles)

Me: Sorry, what? I couldn’t hear you.

Pete: (more tender, indistinct mumbles)

Me (turning around somewhat impatiently): Pete, you’re talking into the pillows. I honestly couldn’t hear you, could you say that again please?

Pete (lifts his head up briefly): I was talking to the pillows. I missed them. (resumes endearments)

Me: (giggles)


Kamini said...

So funny!!
Although a Freudian psychotherapist might find much material for analysis in this!!!

meerkat said...

did you nick the pillows? i had the reverse reaction, when i came back from prague (or for that matter any destination) and i fully appreciate my bed,mattress pillows etc