Monday, June 01, 2009

Don't look now, but you're being followed

And by that I mean me - I'm all of a twitter because I'M being followed.

(Wasn't that just the bestest hint ever, ever, of what this post is about? I'm so pleased with the subtlety of it!)

Yes, I speak of Twitter, where I registered a few months ago. I haven't done anything with it since because I'm not quite sure what to DO with it. I know what it's meant to be - a way to update people on what I'm doing in 141 characters or less. But I really, really, REALLY don't think anyone would be interested in any updates I have, because there just isn't anything of interest to anyone. Not that I'm aware of, at any rate.

"I sneezed 5 times in succession just now" isn't about to make anyone feel they want to know more, is it?

("The tissue I used is sodden so I now have a fresh one" - on the off chance that anybody might want an update on the previous.)

So, this being the case, why do I keep getting messages in my inbox saying that "so and so is now following you on Twitter"? Why? It's not even as if most of them are people I know, because they arent. I dont know Joselyn Hsiu (my latest follower), for instance, and I'm certain she doesnt know me - and yet she's following me. I might understand this if I was an active Twit(ter? Twitterer?) but I'm not. So why are people following me?

I can only conclude - unless someone can provide a better explanation - that even when I'm saying and doing nothing, I'm still interesting as all heck.

So there.


meerkat said...

all that oozing of online charisma is bound to attract some flies (sorry followers). ;-)

Anonymous said...

you are a born leader? and your subjects are awaiting your WORD?

rads said...

hehe, u a celebrity that's why! :-))

Most are bots. Then again, have you read Gene's column on Twitter published yesterday. I shared it on fb.
Ive finally found what I could use twitter for, and I know am flooding ur fb page with all 'em mini-fables *don't un-friend me now please?* :)

Radha said...

Shyam, those little messages are called "Tweets". And the people who send them are called... Tweety? Who knows?! My limited knowledge of Twitter ends at the fact that the little messages are called Tweets :)

Anonymous said...

Shyam, I do enjoy reading some of the Tweets (thanks for the glossary, Radha, I would've found an archaic term for it otherwise). But for the life of me I can't find anything smart to say there. And yes, I too panic when I'm informed of 'followers' :(

Kamini said...

I am so 20th century - I am neither on Facebook nor on Twitter - the former, because my children have forbidden me from joining (well, not quite, but it amounts to that) and the latter, because I'm too lazy and incurious to find out more.

Archana said...

Happened to chance across your blog, and I have to say I haven't quite succumbed to Twitter-ing. The thought of everyone (well everyone in my social network) always knowing what I'm up to makes me a little bit uncomfortable, lol. Especially when people start twitter-ing about the most mundane things.

But on the flip side, I have friends who so aptly know how to post an intriguing update that's minimal information, but still entertaining. Maybe that's what's earned you a fan-following. :P