Friday, May 22, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - "Worry"

Can your earlobes get detached and if they do, will they flap in the wind?

What if my plants arent growing because I don’t talk to them?

What if my plants aren’t growing because I DO talk to them and they’re so bored they’re trying to become seeds again?

What if there’s an alien living in the ATM I use?

What if the alien inside the ATM I use has tentacles?

What if the alien inside the ATM I use decides to slide a tentacle out and nab my finger when I try to collect my money?

What if my trouser leg gets stuck between the teeth of an escalator and my trousers are ripped off?

What if Britney Spears shaves her head again?

What if I’ve already done a post about my worries and don’t remember? What if these aren’t even new worries?

What if some hacker creates a virus that erases the internet?

What if I’m too funny for people to understand?

What if my blog gets a huge readership and I can’t cope with the pressure of fame or stop playing to the gallery all the time?

What if the worst thing that can happen ISNT the worst thing that can happen?

What if I don’t have enough to worry about?

How will I know if I’m worrying enough about my worries?


AD said...


very realistic worries :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

umm oviya said...

what if alien in atm is a philantrophist and tripling the withdrawal amount? (and then you worry about how to spend it).

"What if I’m too funny for people to understand?" then those ppl are not worth entertaining.

"What if my blog gets a huge readership ..." doesn't it already.

very funny worries!

Weronika said...

Hahaha, true, true worries. :)


rads said...

..and I worry that you came up with such a long list in the first place! :)

Beth said...

Your "what if" poem made me laugh. Don't worry. I meant smile. Nice sense of humor, not strange at all. I really liked the list you build here.

Marja said...

Ha ha these worries take my worries away

paisley said...

just because they sound far fetched does not mean a worry is not valid if that is in fact what you are worrying about....

Dee Martin said...

These are so funny (except for the escalator one - I worry about escalators too!)

Patois said...

Spoken like a true non-worrier. Nicely done!

linda may said...

I liked the humorous approach you took to this. Very funny, I took a what if approach to mine too.

floreta said...

liked the humor in this. and what if there's a virus to erase the internet!! aaack i hope not.

Old Grizz said...

now I have to add all of these worries to the worries I already have. Why did you have to bring up worries I have never thought about. I'm worried that there are millions of things I could be worring about and haven't. Good list.