Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to eat a Jaffa Cake

(Assuming that packet has been opened and one Jaffa Cake extracted)

(note: the argument of whether it's a cake or a biscuit has no place on this blogpost - what matters is that you have a Jaffa Cake in hand, and more at hand)

- Nibble around the edges of the biscake one precise bite at a time, taking six bites so that you end up with a hexagon which is the orange jelly filling. You can also, if you are patient enough and precise enough, make it an octagon. Anybody who ends up with more sides on their middle bit is not human.

- Finish the orange jelly hexagon in two mouthfuls, or if you cant wait for the orangey goodness, pop the hexagon into your mouth whole. (I like to make it two mouthfuls, just to make the sweetness last a bit longer.)

- Repeat with next biscake.

- Until sick.


just another mommy said...

err...never eaten a jaffa cake!! if it has orange cream inside - can you send me a pack. I lurrve orange flavor!

Shyam said...

Email me your address :) I'll send you a pack or two rightaway! It's got orange jelly in the centre, not cream. Only one gram of fat per biscuit!

Kamini said...

Perhaps its just as well (considering my ever-expanding waistline) that we don't get these Jaffa Cakes in the US!
How many cakes/biscuits are there in one packet?

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

One more thing for me to eat when I visit you;) How about a picture of this cake, please?