Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Strictly Go Jump

The big hoo-ha in the press about John Sergeant still being in the "Strictly Come Dancing" show is SUCH a waste of time.

So why am I too writing about it, you ask? Because this is a strictly disinterested opinion. I dont care about John Sergeant and I've never watched the show. I DO know that it's the kind of show that asks people to vote for their favourite performer - either to keep them in or to boot them out.

If you want performers to be judged strictly on ability, then the judges alone should be the people to decide who stays and who goes. Once you ask the viewing public to "vote for their favourite" - well, all bets are off. Most TV viewers aren't qualified judges of anything (to do with the show, I mean) and they vote pretty much on a whim. Literally, they vote for their favourite and who cares if they can dance or not. So if that current favourite isnt the judges' favourite dancer, too bloody bad for the judges. Why blame John Sergeant for being the popular choice? He's no more in control of things than the judges themselves!

Update: Oh dear, he's quit the show! I bet that's what the judges were hoping would happen!


abhi said...

Louwwwwwwwee your title!

SCD addict here. Manchikko.

ammani said...

Have to say, I watch all the SCD episodes on tv, watch itt on iplayer, read about all the goss on SCD msg boards...oh god, I really need help, don't I?

shyam said...

Ammani, I have to say this - You DO need help asap! :D