Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hello, 2008!

Hmmm… first rant post of 2008 – why do I feel as if it HAS to be a retrospective? There isn’t much to retrospect on, no resolutions that were broken, forgotten or otherwise ignored… mainly because I don’t think I made any for 2007. At least, none that I admitted to myself, much less to anybody else. There’s this thing in me that stubbornly and self-destructively revolts against living up to any expectations – even if the only person expecting anything is me. So any good intention that I might have has to be smuggled in through the back door of my mind, so to speak… and more often than not, its cover is blown long before any chance of sneaky implementation. Enough said.

So, getting on with the first post of 2008, it’s more a ramble than a single, coherent post on one important topic. For some people, 2008 hasn’t seen the best of starts. I’m thinking Britney Spears. I feel so desperately sorry for her – anyone but the stalking paparazzi newshounds would, I guess. I’m glad she gave them the finger when she was being stretchered out of her home. Glad that she had enough fire left in her to do at least that much. I don’t mean this to sound like an epitaph, but she’s such an incredibly talented, beautiful woman with so much going for her… and she’s making an absolute mess of her life. If only someone could help her. Preferably not publicity-hungry television therapists, but a proper psychiatrist/psychologist more interested in treating her privately than making press statements about the state of her mental health! I’ve seen/heard her latest single “Piece of Me”, and although she’s not the incredible, stunningly toned girl of the “Toxic” video, she’s still gorgeous – especially when you take into consideration that she’s had two children since then. Yep, I like Britney Spears. I hope she can get out of the mess she’s in at the moment and go from “Pop Princess” to “Pop Queen”.


What on earth is "child poverty"? Are there children who are poor independently of their rich parents? Doesnt poverty affect a family as the whole, rather than just the children? If you want to get rid of "child poverty", dont you have to work at getting rid of poverty in general, improve the living standards of the WHOLE FAMILY? Or is there some kind of improbable government plan to improve the fiscal situation of children while letting the parents stay poor? Man, I hate vague terms like that!


Just LOOK at today's random stat for the UK - "In the past year 25% of adults have not read a single book, according to a survey for the Office for National Statistics." Ok, so stats are usually random and extremely susceptible to all sorts of interpretations. Obviously the statement doesnt indicate if the entire adult population of the UK was asked about their reading habits. But I still find it amazing that there are people who havent read a single book in the entire YEAR. Sure, I know they're busy and taking care of children and working and doing god knows what else... but not to read even ONE book a year is something I. cannot. comprehend. Hell, if you read a book every time you went to the loo, and ONLY when you went to the loo, you'd still finish at least one book. Wouldnt you? I couldnt tell you, because I get through about five books a week and I read everywhere, as much as possible, whenever possible, including while on the can. (And if that was too much info, I can only say "oops".)


simplypallu said...

Hmmm, so Shyam is short for Shyamala... but what for? Shyamala is such a beautiful name!!
I came here through The Mad Momma's blog. Haven't found the time to read any of yours yet, but going by the number of blogs you have, it seems like you do a LOT of stuff and always have your hands full!!
Cheers to you :)

Anonymous said...

Pallavi: Ahhh... long story short, when i was young I wanted to be a boy - therefore Shyam :) Also, odd how anybody who ISNT named Shyamala finds it a beautiful name! :D

- Shyam(ala)

brinda said...

it IS a nice name :-)

Shyam said...

Brin: That's the opinion of yet another person not called Shyamala :D :D