Saturday, January 28, 2006

I just LOVE Frasier!

The American sitcom about the psychiatrist from Seattle - it's one of my favourites... it's just that right mix of classy yet slapstick comedy that appeals to me most, and tonight's episode only reinforced that liking!

Basically, Frasier and his tough woman boss, strongly attracted to one another, have shared a kiss. But then he begins to wonder if she really liked him or was using him to further her own ends, and makes a comment about such manipulative women. Daphne, the live-in carer who looks after Frasier's father, asks Frasier: "But what about men who use sex to get what they really want?"

And Frasier snarls: "How can men use sex to get what they want? Sex IS what they want!" before he storms out the door.

Classic! :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

An apocryphal moment on the phone

Except this happened for real, when the phone rang in the middle of our weekly morning meeting:

Me: Good morning, (name of company), how can I help?
Unknown caller: I'd like information on a particular commercial property.
Me: We're in a meeting at the moment, but I'll get our property manager to give you a call back in half an hour.
(before I can ask for any information from her)
UC: Do you want my phone number?
Me: Nooo... I'll just try and guess it, shall I?

Well, I didnt say that, but oooh the temptation!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Right, I've had enough

That's it! I've searched for my inspiration long enough, with not a clue about where it's gone or if it will ever be back. There's only so long one can go on searching for something that disappeared without so much as a wave goodbye! The sort of life-long commitment seen in Indian movies (or old-fashioned romantic novels) does not have a place in my world any more. So it's goodbye, inspiration and hello, sheer determination. Or something like that...


I was serenaded today, at work. My first serenade ever, and all that was lacking was a guitar and a starry, moonlit night. What it didnt lack was an audience - my colleagues were all there, cheering him on.

The serenader was our jolly postman, who never misses an opportunity to flirt with everybody - but I suspect he targets me in particular because I am easily embarrassed by extravagant compliments and flirtiness. Embarrassed in a tongue-tied, oh-gosh-what-do-I-say-now sort of way, not in a bad way, because our postman is really a sweetie and not in the least offensive.

Postie (as we know him... one of these days we really HAVE to find out his name) is usually the highlight of our working day. He's invariably cheerful, funny and like a ray of sunshine on a dull morning. And that simile is remarkably close to reality, considering how dull, leaden, cold and dark these winter mornings are!

My first impression of our Postie was that of a big man with a booming voice and a large misshapen strawberry for a nose in a face that was skewed ever-so-slightly, as if he was partly in another dimension. Until he smiled - and then not even his crooked teeth could take away from his undeniable charm. He's the personification of that oxymoronic term "pleasantly ugly" - and he's witty, funny and warmly genuine with it. A one-in-a-million guy, that one. I'm glad we're on his morning rounds!

Oh, and if anybody is wondering what he serenaded me with, I havent a clue. It was something in Italian.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hello to everybody, 12 days into 2006

Nearly two weeks into 2006, and this is my first post. Well actually, it's only a few lines from me recommending somebody else's post! You might think "how sad is that, she cant even think of anything to write herself" - but to me it isnt sad. In fact, it's totally the opposite of sad, because this post (the one I'm about to recommend, not that one I'm writing as I type) is wacky good fun and I'm doing a good deed by bringing it to the attention of those who havent already seen it! :) The writer, Jay, is one of my most favourite bloggers because of his acid, quirky sense of humour!

No more delay, now... here's the post - have fun! I did.