Saturday, January 28, 2006

I just LOVE Frasier!

The American sitcom about the psychiatrist from Seattle - it's one of my favourites... it's just that right mix of classy yet slapstick comedy that appeals to me most, and tonight's episode only reinforced that liking!

Basically, Frasier and his tough woman boss, strongly attracted to one another, have shared a kiss. But then he begins to wonder if she really liked him or was using him to further her own ends, and makes a comment about such manipulative women. Daphne, the live-in carer who looks after Frasier's father, asks Frasier: "But what about men who use sex to get what they really want?"

And Frasier snarls: "How can men use sex to get what they want? Sex IS what they want!" before he storms out the door.

Classic! :)

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