Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cant get you outta my head...

It's an immutable fact of life that when a song decides to take residence inside your head, it's almost always a crappy one, dredged from some deep, unfathomable well in your mind which houses the worst songs you've ever heard. And the song goes round and round like a hamster on its wheel, getting rid of any coherent thoughts before they can even form. There isnt any logic to which songs my brain latches on to - genre, era, language... nothing's a barrier when it comes to picking irritating tunes. Even if I deliberately try to think of songs I like, once my attention is diverted, the earworm sneakily crawls right back.

In the past few days, I've had the world's worst radio station playing just to me in an unending loop. They say joy shared is doubled. Perhaps, but pain shared is even better because pain shared is... er, pain spread around, so that you can dont suffer alone. Call it selfish, but what else would you wish for with songs like this on your personal radio?

The Cheeky Song (aaarrrgh)
I'm a barbie girl (see what I mean about era?)
Manjula Manjula (Where'd Baba Sehgal come from??)
Dr Jones (oh no not Aqua AGAIN!)
Crazy Frog (helllllllpppppp!)

and the one that's driven me to write this post out of sheer desperation is "Dekho maine dekha hai yeh ek sapna" from Love Story. yep, that movie from 3 decades back starring girly-boy Kumar Gaurav and dumber-than-a-wooden-block Vijayta Pandit. The irritating part is that I seem to know the entire lyrics to that miserable damn song - and I've not even seen the movie because I cant stand Kumar Gaurav and never could! So WHY WHY WHY is "main aayi aayi aayi aayi aaja" skittering around in my head like a demented bird in a cage?

I think I'm about ready for that homicidal maniac with the sledgehammer...

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