Friday, August 11, 2006

Smokers - yuk!

Smokers cant read.

I've come to that conclusion because of all the smokers who light up cigarettes in toilets despite signs that say "No smoking". Well, it's either illiteracy or an irresistible fascination for toilets. Toilets seem to attract smokers like garbage attracts flies.

What's the appeal of smoking in an area that has been clearly labelled and signed "NO SMOKING"? I'm not a smoker and never have been, so I honestly dont see the inherent allure of toilets as places to relax with a fag (whether it's just a smoke or a differently-sexually-oriented person).

I speak of women smokers, because obviously I dont frequent men's toilets - but I assume male smokers do the same in gents' toilets. I could JUST about understand the compulsion if the pubs/restaurants/whatever had a total ban on smoking, thereby forcing desperate smokers to furtively court cancer in the toilet cubicles. But more often than not, there ARE areas set aside for smokers - so why do they need to poison the air for non-smokers in restrooms?

Pete and I have spent a few weekends in a tiny seaside town called Borth, in Wales, with our caravan. The caravan site is huge, all out in the open, with fabulous views all around. No bans on smoking whatsoever. The toilets/shower areas, however, ARE non-smoking and have plaques on the doors that clearly state "NO SMOKING".

You'd think, wouldnt you, that the cigarette addicts would take the chance to be outside in fresh air and enjoy the view while lighting up? You'd think. But nooooo... it's the toilets they prefer. Anybody know why?

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