Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Wednesday Oct 26, 2005 - Blog Quake Day

It's not yet Wednesday for me, but somewhere in the world, it is already Wednesday. So, following in Shoefiend's steps, here's my post as part of the relief effort for the earthquake victims.

Please donate what you can for the quake victims:

If you're in the US, click here

If you're in the UK, click here

While on the subject of the earthquake, I was disgusted and annoyed to find that the Pak government was still quibbling over unimportant matters - viz, the report that Indian soldiers had crossed the Indo-Pak border to help the Pakistani soldiers, on request. The Pak govt denied it loudly and strenuously, stressing that if the Indian soldiers HAD crossed the border, it would have meant war. Right. War. When the quake had devastated so much, the Pakistan government would have spent time, money and resources on a war. Is humanitarianism of less importance than politics? To politicians, apparently so.

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