Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Musharraf's strange order

I've been wondering what the idea is behind Pakistani President Musharraf's order that all foreign students in that country's madrassas should leave. What's the point? I mean, the madrassas which are "misused for extremism" are gonna be teaching their hardline message to ALL the students, not just the foreign ones there. I'm not sure if Musharraf's order was meant to show the West that he IS supporting the American "war on terror"... in any case, it's a sham of a move.

Pakistan has enough of its own hardliners, so sending away a few hundred foreign students (possibly even genuine seekers of knowledge) isnt exactly going to help anything anywhere. Closing down all the madrassas might have been a bit more useful - but only a bit. Extremism and hatred can be taught anywhere... such people - whether the teachers or the taught - do not require schools or other official places of learning.

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