Thursday, April 07, 2005

How to protect your banana

Well, well, well... the world is full of weird things and weirder inventions. Amazing how much time is spent on developing what seems like a totally unnecessary addition to the already existing consumer crap. But I guess we dont know what we cant live without until some enterprising fast-talker convinces us we cant live without ______ (fill in your choice of useless-but-gotta-have invention).

My favourite unnecessary invention is the one that protects your banana. Everybody knows that bananas are easily bruised and quite vulnerable to an extra hard squeeze, so protection is vital. The good news is, banana protectors are available in a range of colours. There's even a glow-in-the-dark green banana guard, so ANYBODY can find their banana, even if it's pitch dark! (Those of you who have been sniggering, please note that I'm only talking about the fruit. Some people need their imagination to work on a higher level than the gutter - heheh.).

Check this out...
Banana Guard

I'd be interested to see if anybody can come up with a more unnecessary invention! And it neednt even be your own!

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