Thursday, March 17, 2005

Just a random thought

I saw a movie yesterday,after quite a long break. In fact, the last one I saw was probably Shrek 2 (I think), last year. Yesterday's movie only happened because a couple of friends came by and suggested Pete unstick his posterior from his workchair for an hour or three. It proved to be an excellent suggestion on their part, and I'm deeply grateful.

The crowbar that they had thoughtfully brought along proved useful in more than one way. Apart from being an indication of the not-violent-yet-but-things-can-escalate-if-you-dont-get-up-NOW-Pete sort of friendly persuasion, it was also handy as a lever to pry apart the chair and Pete (only slightly exaggerated). Rolly 3
So. The movie was
Hostage, starring Bruce Willis. It was actually quite good as an action movie because by GOD there was every sort of action-movie staple incorporated in the two hours it took from start to finish. Lots of blood, cute kid, sexy spoilt teenager, psycho killer, good-brother-bad-brother duo, masked men, burned-out hostage-negotiator-turned-smalltown-cop, guns, crawling-about-in-ventilator-shafts, hi-tech luxury home - the works. Definitely a thriller. Dont miss it. Oh, and Brucie-Boy's real-life daughter, Rumer, plays his daughter in the movie. She looks too much like her dad to be beautiful, so I really hope she gets to be a good actress. I gotta say that she played the role of sulking, rude teenager to the hilt.

And that brings me to my random thought - which is, teenagers in Hollywood movies. They're not particularly nice people, are they?

Every Hollywood movie (or even any American TV show) that features a teenager in the storyline portrays them as sulky, spoilt, loudmouthed, selfish and shockingly rude anti-social brats. Of course, by the end of the movie they reveal their well-hidden hearts of gold. For me, though, that usually comes too late, because by then my dislike of them is thorough and no amount of good-deeding helps.

Well, the laws of probability indicate that there must be SOME American teenagers who are polite, well-behaved, kind and thoughtful in real life. I only wish Hollywood would feature some of those in reel life.

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