Monday, May 14, 2007

Why careful editing is SO important...

Look at the first sentence of the last paragraph in the article. It begins: "Anyone who wishes to contribute to the fun..."


The cop was shot dead, poor man. Fun isnt what his family is having. Fun isnt what anybody is contributing to.

The word is FUND. Spell-check only tells you a word is spelt correctly. It doesnt tell you it's the wrong word for the context. Minor mistake, but in the circumstances it isnt funny one bit.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Oh no, oh no!

I've just read this news item and my heart has sunk right into my boots, anatomically impossible though this might be. I feel like setting up a loud wailing and weeping with much gnashing of teeth - Bill Bryson not to write any more? Or at least not until the English countryside is clear of litter? One of my most favourite travel-writers feels more passionate about litter than writing and it's all the fault of these careless, rubbishy litterbugs!


I've been looking forward to a new book from Mr Bryson and I do not want it to be about litter!